Renée van Trier – HUMBLE

  • ■ Whatdufaque?! Dutch artist Renée Van Trier is back on Swiss label CAF? for another record! Following her first album released in early 2020, she comes back with "HUMBLE," the soundtrack of her new eponymous show performed at De Pont Museum (NL) and Arsenic (CH). "At birth you are a promise, but at the same time also the greatest possible risk." Inspired by children's dances on TikTok where happy facades coexist with exploitative backgrounds, Renée Van Trier creates a fantasy world that's anything but Disneyland. You're invited to experience its soundtrack, taking you through dark atmospheres, eerie voices, glitched techno, and uplifting climaxes. Over the course of the 11 tracks, Renée Van Trier morphs into a dolphin, a puppet, and many other different characters, maintaining a blurry border between amazement and creepiness. "Everyone wants the best for their children, but sometimes it doesn't end well."
  • □ Mastering Andrea Merlini
  • □ Design Julien Fischer & Pablo Perez